Escrow Insurance Contact

"All I know is that I sent TQC $300 for 3 cards and they refuse to acknowledge any of my email. They will not permit my comments on their website. And, no, they have not sent the cards. I can only report that they are SCAMMERS." -JT, scammed by The Queen of Cards.

"Hello guys, just wanted you to know this guy scammed me on 480 usd. Don't buy from him he aint gonna send you shit, just wanted people to know so that this doesn't happend to you!" -Calkon, scammed by CCCP CARDS.

"I feel your pain man. I lost over $100 to greenroad about a week ago. At this point there isn't much you can do except learn from it. Good luck with future DNM purchases." -Poptart99, scammed by GreenRoad.

Above are five scam reports. They were choosen at random from various forums, both in onionland and on the clearweb. They are shown in their original form and are unedited. We do not know the people involved and we have not been in contact with them. There were other scam reports we could have choosen to feature, some involving more money and some involving less, but we felt that these reports reflected the average. Just over $880 was lost.

Our insurance costs 0.02 Bitcoin, you are advised before you make a decision to purchase anything and are covered for your lifetime against losses from scams. Had the people above been in our customer base they would have saved 100s of dollars, and the amount stolen through scamming would have been $0. If you are new to the deepweb you owe it to your bitcoin, and to yourself, to make sure you don't ever have to warn people about the scammer you got owned by.

A cheap insurance subscription with us could save you 100s, as well as a lot of embarassment. Additionally our escrow service provides an extra level of safety for new users of the darknet. You can have peace of mind when purchasing, and enjoy your products and services when they do arrive.